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Restaurants – Bars/Taverns – Pizza – Delis 

Insurance for Restaurants, Bars/Taverns, Pizza stores and Deli’s is different for each Insurance Company – just like each restaurant, bar/tavern, pizzeria, and deli is different.

You invest your time, money, and effort toward running your eating establishment so you should be confident that the company you purchase your insurance from will be there for you today and tomorrow.

Tudor Insurance Group represents some of the best  “A” rated insurance companies working to insure restaurant type risks -  who take pride in their operations.

Travelers Insurance, Allied Insurance, Colorado Casualty, One Beacon Insurance, CNA Insurance Co.’s  are just a few of the quality “A” rated companies providing insurance to the Hospitality Industry.

We can help with General Liability, Liquor Liability, Building/Business Personal Property, Umbrellas , Workers Compensation Insurance and Directors/Officers (EPLI)

Please contact us so we can help you find the right product for your business, at               (480) 656-4099         (480) 656-4099, toll-free               (866) 271-4650         (866) 271-4650


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